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Management Commitment

Our company mainlyprovides inspection, laboratory and inspection services. Our company, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction while providing these services, is under a number of commitments against the people and organizations that it serves as management. The first of these commitments is not to engage in any activity that may harm the impartiality, competence and decision-making power or undermine the trust environment in its activities. Our company, as managers and as employees, undertakes that the quality of the service will adversely affect any commercial, financial or similar impacts and pressures are not affected. Our organization shall declare it clearly and appropriately as soon as it sees any interest.

In all measurement, test, analysis, inspection and control studies carried out by our organization, business processes have been prepared to ensure that they operate in accordance with the standards and current legal regulations published by domestic or foreign organizations.

In addition, our organization, General requirements for the accreditation of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 inspection bodies from Austria (ÖSAS) has been accredited in accordance with the standards and serves as a Type Inspection Organization to its customers.

Another point that is committed as management, our organization has taken measures to store all kinds of information, documents and reports produced as a result of the activities. No information about customers is shared with third parties in any way.

All managers and employees working in our organization are educated, experienced and qualified. Very different and comprehensive measurement, engineers in the field of testing, analysis, inspection and control, each specialized in their own field, high technicians and technicians are working.

The management of our company also undertakes to use the latest technological devices and equipments to ensure the accuracy and precision of the measurement, test and analysis works in all activities.

In the meantime, our organization has prepared and implemented emergency plans that will ensure the continuation of the basic services in all the areas it serves.

In short, our company provides all kinds of measurement, test, analysis, inspection and control services, is committed to be independent and impartial towards its customers and with this feature always finds itself one step ahead in the fight against competitors.