Our company provides testing and inspection services to all of the following standards with its comprehensive test and analysis services.

TS EN 301047 V 1.1.1 Special integrated network services (features) - Features, functional items and information flow - In addition to the network feature transition counter (ISO / IEC 15055: 19997, modification)

TS EN 301048 V 1.1.1 Special integrated digital network services (PISN) - Intermediate - Switching signaling protocol - In addition to the network feature pass counter (ISO / IEC 15056: 1997, modification)

TS EN 301049 V 1.1.1 special integrated digital network services (ISDN) - Features, functional models and information flow - Circuit mode multi-speed (ISO / IEC 11584: 1996, modified)

TS EN 301102 V 1.1.1 Dedicated integrated network services (mapping / uus) for a pair of user-to-user signaling additional services and a circuit mode basic service as a pair of need between pin connections.

TS EN 301259 V 1.1.1 Special integrated service networks (PISN) - Switching signaling protocol for plants - Synchronization of the central clock in special integrated networks (PINX) (ISO / IEC 15507: 19997, modified)

Universal personal communication (upt) - Upt 301366. stage - Functional characteristics of the interface of integrated circuit board (ICC) and card acceptance devices (CADs) - Two-tone multi frequency (DTMF) device accepting Upt card - Compatibility test features