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Examination of Gear Grinders

Grinding is a process of removing metal chips from a workpiece with a cutter (ie sanding stone), which is produced in a certain form and contains hard and abrasive particles. These workbenches are called grinding machines. Grinding machines are generally used by the mills, especially for products that are sensitive in size and whose surface quality is very high.

There are many types of grinding machines according to the characteristics of the work. For example, surface grinding machines, centerless grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines or CNC grinding machines. Among these, cylindrical grinding machines are used to grind the external surfaces of workpieces with cylindrical properties. Hole grinding is also performed in such machines. Special hole grinding apparatus is used for this purpose. In addition, cylindrical outer diameter grinding, conical outer diameter grinding, profile grinding, plunge grinding, crank and cam grinding and gear grinding are also performed.

Gear grinding machines have gear wheels with power and motion transmission elements. Gear wheels work by contacting each other on a certain diameter. These impellers must work precisely. Generally, gear grinding methods are two types as form grinding and linear grinding.

As a result, gear grinding machines are among the machines that need to work precisely. In accordance with the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in the year 2013, controls of these machines and equipment must be carried out at intervals and criteria that the manufacturer considers appropriate, unless otherwise stipulated in the relevant standards. If the manufacturer does not specify a period or condition, a risk assessment should be carried out by considering the workplace ambient conditions, frequency and duration of use of these machines, and regular checks should be carried out at intervals to be determined accordingly. However, this interval should not exceed one year. This issue is discussed under the heading Machine Tools in the annex of the mentioned regulation (Annex 3).

Inspection work must be carried out by mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians.

Inspection of gear grinding machines, in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, standards and test methods published by domestic and foreign organizations.