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Chandelier and Light LVD Tests

Most of the occupational accidents that occur every year in our country are caused by electrical accidents. Electricity is used in almost every part of the industry. The electricity used in various machines and benches leads to the loss of many lives and property due to the lack of proper installation and the lack of legal and technical safety precautions during the use of electricity.

The most serious damage caused by electric currents is due to electric shocks. There are several reasons for this. The structure of electrical contact, the intensity of the electric current, the path it follows in the body and the voltage of the current source are the most important factors. If the current is too weak, there is only one tingling in the body, and as the intensity of the current gets stronger, it causes severe burns and even heart attacks. Uncontrolled heating caused by electric current also sometimes has dangerous consequences. Cables that carry excessive power are the main reasons for this.

Risk factors related to the use of electricity are generally:

  • Electrical installation is not done by qualified persons
  • The lack of maintenance and repair on time
  • Bare metal parts of machinery or equipment are not grounded or insulated
  • In case of grounding, degradation of grounding over time or due to weather conditions
  • Failure to provide adequate safety equipment and personal protective equipment to employees or to prevent them from being used by employees
  • Employees are not sufficiently aware of workers' health and safety issues and do not follow the rules
  • Insufficiency of electrical energy and self-confidence of employees
  • Employees intervene in some malfunctions other than their duties

Chandeliers and lamps used in workplaces and homes are also covered by the Regulation on Electrical Equipment Designed for Specific Voltage Limits (2014 / 35 / EU) issued by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. LVD low voltage tests must be carried out by manufacturers to avoid the risk of electricity during the use of chandeliers and lamps. The main standards considered in these tests are:

  • TS EN 60598-1 Lighting fixtures - Part 1: General rules and tests (IEC 60598-1: 2014, modified)
  • TS 8698 EN 60598-2-1 ... General purpose, stationary
  • TS EN 60598-2-2 ... Recessed fittings
  • TS 8701 EN 60598-2-4 ... General purpose, portable