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Safety Periodic Inspection and Inspection of Machines

The Machinery Safety Regulation was published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2009. This regulation is issued to ensure that the health and safety of people using or working with these machines is not impaired when the machines are installed in the proper manner, and when the necessary maintenance is performed and only when they are used for the intended purposes. The Regulation sets out the basic safety conditions that must be complied with during the design and manufacturing stages, the conformity assessment processes to be complied with and the criteria for the assignment of the conformity assessment bodies for the placing of the machines on the market for these purposes.

This regulation is based on the machine safety directive 2006 / 42 / EC issued by the European Union.

Safety periodic control and inspection of the machines that need to be done regularly, Within the scope of the regulation, the studies are carried out to determine whether the machines in the low risk group meet the criteria of this regulation.

In this parallel, the machines to be inspected and inspected are as follows:

  • Human and animal power to move outside the system
  • It consists of parts that are brought together to fulfill a certain work
  • At least one of these parts can move
  • Without components required for connection to an energy and motion source
  • Capable of operating only when installed in a transport vehicle or installed in a building
  • Designed and controlled to operate as a whole
  • Except for partially completed machines

Partially completed machines are a collection of parts that cannot perform a particular job on their own.

In 2013, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security issued the Regulation on Health and Safety Requirements for the Use of Work Equipment. Pursuant to this regulation, regular safety checks and inspections of the machines are prevented, occupational accidents are prevented, production efficiency is increased in the enterprise, environmental damage is prevented and most importantly, a safe working environment is established.


As technology evolved, more and more machines began to be used, leading to an increase in workplace accidents. For this reason, increasing security measures is a necessity. The Occupational Health and Safety Law requires regular checks of the machines used in the enterprises. These controls, mechanical engineers, technicians and by high technicians should be done.