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Grader Periodic Inspection and Inspection

Graders are generally used in road construction works and in various constructions to repair and clean the surface. Between the front and rear wheels of the grader there is a mechanically or hydraulically controlled blade extending from side to side. Graders used in soil leveling, loosening of the ground and similar works, and in trenching and slope trimming on hard soils as hard as it can work, are machines that are effective even against snow.

Since it is used in many different applications, it is produced in different tonnages and specifications. However, regardless of brand and tonnage, the most common problem in grays is the difficulty of use. Grader operators are therefore very special and trained and experienced in different handling techniques. Operators from time to time may have to use several functions of graders at the same time. At the same time, he must constantly monitor the condition of the material laid or excavated. In this respect, the gradations are among the high-risk machines in terms of safety of life and property. On the other hand, in order to reduce these risks, periodic controls and inspections should be performed in a timely manner.

The Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment includes the minimum requirements for the health and safety of the construction machinery and equipment used in the workplace. Details of the Annex to this Regulation, Maintenance, Repair and Periodic Inspection (Annex 3) are provided. However, in each case, graders need to be checked regularly at least once a year.

Our company regularly controls and inspects the graders within the framework of periodic controls of construction machinery.is in compliance with the standards and test methods published by the domestic and foreign institutions. Here are a few standards that are based on this:

  • TS 1230-2 ISO 7129 Construction excavators - Inserts for tractors, graders and scrapers - Main shapes and basic dimensions
  • TS EN 474-8 + A1 Construction and excavation machinery - Safety - Part 8: Features for graders
  • TS 1230-1 Construction and excavation machinery - Blades cutting edges (for graders, dozers, scrapers)
  • TS 9726 ISO 7134 Construction and excavation machinery - Graders - Term and commercial specifications