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Storage Systems and Shelf Analysis

When planning the warehouse, enterprises have to consider the minimum space requirement, minimum operational cost and minimum investment cost. In addition, the dimensions, weights, working hours, number of employees and energy costs of the materials to be stored must be taken into consideration.

Capacity planning should be made by keeping the same capacity and ensuring that the materials to be placed have similar characteristics. Or with the same parameters, storage systems can be increased in smaller spaces by installing sliding rack systems. Shorter distances in pallet sliding rack operation reduce the need for personnel and machinery. In short, sliding rack systems take up less volume.

For this reason, companies prefer sliding rack systems most depending on their field of activity and storage needs. However, storage systems and shelving systems vary greatly. Warehouse shelving systems include lightweight shelving systems, pallet loading shelving systems, suspended shelving systems and cantilevered shelf systems. Stainless shelves, steel shelves or compact archive systems are also available. In addition, thanks to advances in technology, there are warehouse and shelving systems with computer control, remote control and robots only. It is important to dry the system that best suits the need. At this point, it is important that storage systems are functional and applicable.

Enterprises attach importance to the use of standard components in storage systems, easy control of the system, low cost of maintenance and repairs and long life of shelves. Besides the structural and technological features, the energy requirement for the transportation and ventilation system of the building is a necessity to be taken into consideration in the selection of shelving systems.

One of the fields of activity of the control and inspection institutions is to examine the storage systems of the enterprises and to analyze the shelf systems. Our company also under the supervision servicesexamines storage systems and performs shelf analysis. In these studies, the relevant legal regulations, standards and test methods published by domestic and foreign organizations are complied with. In this regard, our company, the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK), Accredited according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.