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Inspection Services

Demand for surveillance services is increasing both in our country and international trade world. Increasing quality demands and competition among firms keep the global markets alive. Today, it is not only enough to produce quality products and services, but also to prove that these products and services are of good quality by means of impartial and independent third party inspections.

Surveillance services are carried out with the aim of proving to the extent that they meet the conditions, quantity, quality, packaging, labeling, loading, transportation, delivery time and similar conditions defined in the sales contract prior to the placing of the goods or services subject to trade to the market.

The organizations providing this service should have the International Surveillance Company Certificate issued by the General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection of the Ministry of Economy. In this respect, surveillance services are diversified in-house such as pre-shipment surveillance, quantity surveillance, evacuation surveillance, product verification according to approved sample, sampling and analysis studies.

Surveillance works have many benefits. For example, a commodity or service subject to trade is subject to control and inspection at every stage of production until it is offered to consumers. In this way, the provision of goods or services that do not comply with standards is prevented. In addition, the interruptions that will occur during the production stages are intervened in a timely manner.

The quality of the products is determined by the surveillance studies just before they are placed on the market and the status of the products is determined before shipment and before delivery to the buyer. This also provides legal security for companies.

Inspection services by inspection and testing organizations in general The following services are provided:

  • Machine valuation
  • Load testing of lifting apparatus
  • Examination of life ropes and load test
  • Storage systems and shelf analysis
  • Controls of amusement park machines
  • Surveillance controls of manufacturing processes
  • Building insulation and thermal capacity inspections
  • Rope tests and valuation
  • Mechanical and physical tests
  • Vibration exposure measurements
  • Cleanroom testing and measurements

The important point here is that the inspection and test institutions that will provide this service are accredited according to the general criteria standard for the operation of various types of inspection bodies and the general requirements standard for the adequacy of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 Test and calibration laboratories. Otherwise, the surveillance works and the documents to be issued shall have no validity.

Importer and exporter companies apply to international surveillance companies to ensure that the agreed issues are fulfilled regarding their products subject to foreign trade.

These international surveillance companies determine the characteristics and quality of their products and services by performing a series of measurements, tests, controls and analyzes and document the situation with the reports they issue. In this respect, the institutions providing surveillance services have great responsibility.


Our company provides surveillance servicesis in compliance with the standards and test methods published by the domestic and foreign institutions.