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Waste Gas Incineration Compliance Inspection

Regulation on Control of Air Pollution Caused by Heating, clean air quality of pollutants leaving soot, smoke, dust, gas and vapors arising from combustion plants used for heating purposes in houses, workplaces, sites, schools, universities, hospitals, government offices, social rest facilities and various industrial establishments. to control and control the negative impact on

In the said regulation, some restrictions are imposed on waste gas and heat losses in liquid and gas fired combustion plants. Heat loss with waste gas refers to the difference between the combustion air and the heat content of the waste gas in terms of the thermal value of the fuel.

In liquid and gas fired combustion plants, the waste gas value and heat loss values ​​obtained from the measurements made by the measurement method described in the annexes of the regulation cannot exceed certain limit values. Liquid and gas fired combustion plants that cannot comply with these limitations and limit values ​​of waste gas and heat loss must operate in accordance with the relevant process and model in the light of current technical developments.

Petroleum, coal, LPG and similar fossil fuels, exhaust gases, chemical fires, nuclear power plants and forest fires emit toxic gases that cause air pollution to the atmosphere. These gases cause greenhouse effect and global warming. On the other hand, acid rains damage the forests and vegetation and disrupt the ecological balance of the world. Unfortunately, there is no recycling of these harmful gases. However, it is possible to minimize this pollution with some precautions. Installing filters in factory chimneys, using coals with higher calories instead of low calorie charcoal, using natural gas instead of oil and coal as much as possible, making more use of wind and solar energy, or using hydroelectric power plants instead of nuclear power plants are always positive steps.

In this context, regular inspections of waste gas incineration plants also contribute greatly to these efforts.

Our company carries out waste gas incineration compliance inspections within the scope of the inspection and tests of gas incineration facilities in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and standards and test methods published by domestic and foreign organizations.