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Gas Burning Plants Inspection and Tests

In 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued the Regulation on Gas Burning Devices (2009 / 142 / AT). The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that when gas appliances and equipment are used in normal conditions, they are placed on the market and put into service in a way that does not endanger the health of people and pets and the safety of goods.

Settlement conformity inspection services provided by inspection and testing organizations include commercial cooking appliances, specially designed appliances for industrial purposes and gas-burning appliances such as boiler rooms and heat centers. The safe and risk-free operation of these devices is to include, on the one hand, checks and inspections of these devices and the safety equipment on the device, as well as controls of the location of the devices.

In our country, gas distribution companies demand the conformity inspection of the places where the gas burning devices are installed, especially before the first installation. Inspection and testing organizations, while conducting settlement conformity control and inspection procedures, mainly comply with the following legal regulations and standards:

  • Energy Market Regulatory Board (EMRA) Internal Installation Regulation
  • Implementing Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings
  • Communiqué on General Technical Specifications of Construction Works, Machinery and Electrical Installation
  • TS 7363 Natural Gas - Indoor Installation Design and Application Rules

With regard to gas-fired devices, it must be installed, adjusted and operated correctly. The location and installation principles of these devices, the type of gas used, the supply pressure of the gas used, the required fresh air flow and the combustion air supply of the device must be controlled to ensure safe use.

The TS 7363 standard covers:

  • Natural gas devices supplied from the natural gas delivery point and installed inside the building.
  • Natural gas installation that sends gas to these devices
  • Arrangement and installation of the project and details of the smoke chimneys and ducts for the evacuation of the waste gases resulting from combustion, and the opening of the natural gas installation after the test and inspection process.
  • Rules for safe use of natural gas in the building

Our company conducts the facility settlement compliance studies within the scope of gas combustion plants inspection and tests in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and standards and test methods published by domestic and foreign organizations.