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Agricultural Forestry Machinery EMC Tests

Nowadays, electromagnetic pollution has reached an extreme stage. It is of course pleasing that technology is so developed and so many electrical and electronic devices are produced that make life easier and save lives when necessary. It is a good thing to keep up with the change brought about by the age and not to be behind the age. But there is also an aspect that never comes to mind. It is also electromagnetic pollution.

Today, electromagnetic fields have surrounded people so much that electrical appliances, electronic devices, all current-carrying cables, high-voltage lines, computers, televisions, FM and TV transmitters, mobile telephones, satellite antennas, microwave ovens, many more unimaginable technological devices. emits electromagnetic waves around it. This inevitably creates an electromagnetic pollution.

There are electromagnetic fields around the dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, electric razors, electric heaters, hair dryers and similar devices used in the houses. The sun's rays are also electromagnetic waves.

Electrical machinery used in agriculture and forestry is no different. They also emit electromagnetic waves around them.

Electromagnetic waves vibrate. These vibrations are different depending on the source. For example, microwave ovens vibrate 10 over 9 per second, while electrical workplace and home appliances vibrate 50-60 times per second.

Theoretically, the source of electromagnetic waves is two types. Some of them are natural sources such as sun rays and lightning. Some are unnatural resources. For example, power transmission lines carrying electrical current, televisions, computers, all kinds of electrical home and office appliances, radio and television transmitters, wireless communication systems, mobile telephones and base stations are included in this group.

The machines used in agriculture and forestry create electromagnetic interference with the electromagnetic waves they emit. It therefore affects other devices around them. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests are also performed on these machines to determine the level of this interference.

In fact, even if the evidence and results of electromagnetic pollution have not been fully elucidated, it is doubtful that it poses some problems for human health. Although the results are not understood in a short time, the effects that will occur in a long time are necessarily.