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Radio TV Antenna EMC Tests

Electric cables, mobile phone base stations, electrical transformers, high voltage lines, and various machines that are used in home and office environments continuously emit electromagnetic waves and create electromagnetic fields. This has many negative effects not only on the operation of other electrical devices but also on human health. One of the devices in the vicinity that generates electromagnetic fields is radio and television transmitters. These devices continuously emit radio frequency waves to the environment.

No matter how far from the settlement areas, this electromagnetic field is everywhere. Maybe even in natural environments with silence by air and water, the electromagnetic waves in these environments are unfortunately even if they are the symbol of clean air. In short, unseen electromagnetic waves that pollute the air unfortunately create electromagnetic pollution and there is no salvation.

Although not visible, the dangers posed by this electromagnetic pollution can also go as far as innocent vibrations or sizzles as they would cause death. Today, a lot of research is being done to measure the effects of electromagnetic fields, legal regulations bringing certain limit values ​​are made and standards are determined. However, it is still a matter of controversy which health problems will be experienced by people who are exposed to these electromagnetic waves for a long time even if they are below the specified limit values.

Within the scope of electromagnetic compatibility tests of radio and television antennas, tests such as antenna input immunity test, RFI voltage test, RFI current test, immunity test against radiated areas and screening efficiency test are performed and these tests are based on TS EN 55020 standard (TS EN) 55020 Audio and television broadcast receivers and related devices - Immunity characteristics - Breakpoints and measurement methods.

A few other standards are also considered:

  • TS EN 55011 Industrial, scientific and medical equipment - Radiofrequency distortion characteristics - Limit values ​​and measurement methods
  • TS EN 55013 Audio and television broadcast receivers and associated devices - Radio disturbance characteristics - Measurement methods and limit values
  • TS EN 50561-1 Power line communication devices for low voltage installations - Radio disturbance characteristics - Limits and measurement methods - Part 1: Domestic appliances