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What are the benefits of doing EMC tests?

Do not assume that the EMC and EMC statements are different from each other. The abbreviation EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility and is in Turkish. The abbreviation EMC stands for ElectroMagnetic Compatibility and is in English. Both have the same meaning. As a concept, it means that any electrical or electronic device or system should not disturb or be affected by other electrical or electronic devices or systems in the environment in which they operate.

As these devices and systems became widespread, electromagnetic compatibility became more problematic and various measures were taken with emphasis. These measures are mainly collected at two points. The first is the determination of the requirements, criteria, inspection methods, test methods, conditions of placing on the market and the authorities, responsibilities and obligations of the manufacturers, test and inspection institutions and notified bodies in this respect by the legal regulations issued by the official institutions.

In this sense, in the European Union countries, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (1989 / 89 / EEC) was first published in 336, which defines the principles of electromagnetic compatibility. The latest update of this directive, which was subsequently updated several times, is the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014 / 2014 / EU published in 30. Based on this directive, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology issued the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2016 / 2014 / EU) in 30.

The second group of measures are the standards published by local and foreign organizations. These standards cover the limit values ​​of electrical and electronic devices, systems and equipment.

For manufacturers, the benefits of complying with these regulations and standards and having the necessary EMC tests listed are as follows:


  • The main condition of being able to trade with many countries of the world, especially the European Union countries, is to have EMC tests of electrical and electronic devices, systems and equipment. EMC tests are a guarantee of the free circulation of these products.
  • Producers thus ensure that their products comply with the qualifications, quality and legal regulations and standards, in which case they do not have to recall their products from the market for any reason. This provides cost advantages to enterprises.
  • In addition, businesses increase their reputation in the market and are advantageous in the fight against their competitors.