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Frequently Asked Questions About EMC

What is EMC, why EMC test is done, questions such as where these tests are always asked. However, there are also questions that address unknown points. Here are a few of these questions and their answers:

  • What are the conditions that indicate the electromagnetic compatibility of an electrical or electronic device or system?

There are essentially three conditions. The first condition is that these devices themselves do not cause an electromagnetic interference. The second condition is that it is not affected by electromagnetic interference from another device. The third condition is that it does not interact at all with other devices and systems (also called self-compatibility).

  • What is electromagnetic wave?

Electromagnetic waves are a form of vibration that can travel through air space and space. Radio waves, microwaves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays, X rays and gamma rays are electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic waves are classified according to wavelength and energy. Electromagnetic waves are composed of electric field and magnetic field components which are perpendicular to each other.

  • What are the factors that characterize the electromagnetic environment?

The first factor is frequency. Frequency is the number of vibrations per frequency of the electromagnetic wave and the frequency of vibration. Frequency and wavelength values ​​of electromagnetic waves are different from each other. Electromagnetic waves with different wavelengths also have different properties. The second factor that characterizes the electromagnetic environment is the intensity of electromagnetic energy.

  • When did EMC tests begin?

Firstly, electromagnetic compatibility problems arose during World War II. Before this date, the existence of such a problem was not known. During the war, there were problems caused by the collision of the flight systems and communication systems of the aircraft. At that time, the cause of the problems was not immediately understood. Subsequent studies have found that these problems are caused by electromagnetic waves emitted by the systems. This is how EMC standards are established.

  • How are EMC tests performed?

EMC tests are conducted in two ways: emission and immunity (or susceptibility). Both test methods are implemented in two different ways: conductivity and radiation. In conductivity tests, current and voltage values ​​of the device or system are measured. In the tests by radiation, the electric field and magnetic field values ​​are measured.