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EMC Tests for In-Vehicle Devices

Nowadays, the automotive sector is changing so much that especially the developments in automotive electronics constitute an important part of this change. Among the most important components of automotive electronics are ABS (anti-lock system during sudden braking), ASR (sudden skid system), airbag (ESP), ESP (electronic stability program), distance control system and similar systems. In addition, power steering, air conditioning, power seat settings, electric rear-view mirrors, power windows and similar systems for driver and passenger comfort are being developed.

Besides the above, cruise control (cruise control), automatic distance warning system, automatic headlamp controls, parking systems, automatic rain sensors, remote keyless entry system, automatic shifting systems, night vision systems, electric parking brake and navigation systems, such as other electronic systems are also being developed.

However, it is an important point that such systems work together and without affecting each other in automobiles. Electromagnetic compatibility tests will provide this. These tests are performed for all electrical and electronic devices and systems as well as for systems in motor vehicles.

It will be recalled that ABS automatic braking systems in vehicles were affected during the first periods of mobile phones. The effect here is the problem of electromagnetic compatibility. Today, this problem has been eliminated thanks to the technologies developed, but this has been achieved to a great extent thanks to the legal regulations and standards adopted and the compliance of the enterprises with them.

If these tests are not performed and the electronic systems are not conformed, the electromagnetic waves emitted by the navigation system used in the vehicle, for example, may affect the vehicle's cruise control system and the cruise system may fail. Or the noise from the vehicle's ignition system can be reflected in the audio system and enjoy the pleasure of driving.

In the automotive sector, mechanical systems are now replaced with electronic sensors and actuators. These systems are generally referred to as x by wire. However, these new systems require an 42 volt power supply. The automotive sector continues to work in this direction. Today's vehicle technologies such as ABS and EPS work in harmony in vehicles, but technological studies do not stop. Each emerging technology brings along electromagnetic compatibility problems.