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Hydrophore Periodic Control and Inspection

Pressure boosters are automatically operated pressurization systems that take the water at normal pressure from the network or from a certain tank and offer it at the required pressure and flow rate. It is possible to classify the hydrophores, which are used for various purposes and which have different characteristics, as domestic water booster, garden irrigation booster or fire fighting water booster. According to the structural features of the booster stainless steel body, vertical type, horizontal type, bronze wheel or tank top can be classified as. It is also possible to classify it as single-pump or multi-pump.

The standard generally accepted in Europe is the DIN 1988 standard, which describes in detail the basic pressurization systems. The DIN 1988-5 standard describes how and under which conditions the domestic water booster can be selected and used. In the European Union countries the EN 806 standard applies, but in some cases references are also made to the DIN 1988 standard.

The first condition for the long and healthy operation of the booster is the selection according to the appropriate operating and environmental conditions and the correct determination of the pump capacity. The second condition is at least once a year. control and inspection by mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians. This obligation is a legal obligation stipulated by the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment.

When examining the pressure distribution in the general installation, it is important to note that the static water pressure does not exceed the 5 bar at any point in the installation. According to the standards, in order to ensure safe water use, if the inlet pressure exceeds the 5 bar, it is necessary to use a pressure reducer or to perform regional pressurization in the installation.

Our company carries out regular inspections and inspections of pressure boilers within the scope of regular controls of pressure vessels in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and standards published by domestic and foreign organizations. A few standards considered in these studies are:

  • TS 1911 Vertical booster tanks for water supply systems
  • TS 11490 / T1 Booster tanks - horizontal
  • TS 6553 Air supply and discharge devices (for vertical booster)
  • TS 10576 Pressure tank with membrane
  • TS 12852 Authorized services - Pressure vessels and tanks - Stationary tanks (except for gas and liquid fuel) boosters, for open and closed type expansion tanks to the atmosphere - Rules