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Steam Boiler Periodic Inspection and Inspection

It is not a false analogy to see steam boilers used for various purposes in enterprises as bombs ready to explode. Unexpected explosions cause great damage and pose a major threat to human health and property security. On the other hand, the energy used to operate the steam boilers forces the natural resources of our country. Coal, natural gas, petroleum, hydraulic and other energy resources in our country meet only a certain part of our need. A significant part of the consumed energy is imported. In short, our country is distributed in terms of energy consumption. Therefore, the energy should be used properly and should not be consumed unnecessarily. Today, 30 is used in the heating of buildings on average percent of the energy consumed. The remaining part is used in factories, enterprises and production facilities. In many areas of the industry, steam boilers are located at a considerable rate. For this reason, the correct, economical and reliable operation of steam boilers is therefore very important. Employees using steam boilers should be knowledgeable and experienced in the structure, function, operating principles, operating temperatures and working pressure of the boilers. In addition, in case of a failure of steam boilers, it must be capable of quickly intervening and eliminating this failure and should be able to use measurement, adjustment, control and safety tools easily. In short, it should be able to perform certain checks and examinations. In addition, the Regulation on the Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment requires that steam boilers be inspected and inspected at least once a year by mechanical engineers, machine technicians and high technicians. Apart from this regulation, there are other legal regulations for the operation and safety of boilers such as the regulation of pressure equipment, the regulation of portable pressure equipment and the regulation of simple pressure vessels. Our company conducts periodical inspections and inspections of steam boilers within the scope of regular controls of pressure vessels in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and standards published by domestic and foreign organizations. A few standards considered in these studies are: • TS 2025 Steam boilers operation - General rules for inspection and maintenance • TS EN 13445-1 / A1 Pressure vessels - Non-contact with fire - Part 1: General • TS EN 13445-4 Pressure vessels - Fire contact - Part 4: Manufacturing • TS EN 13445-5 Pressure vessels - Non-contact with fire - Part 5: Inspection and testing