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Escalator and Band Periodic Inspection and Inspection

Companies producing escalators and escalators, security in parallel with technological developments, more and more quality products in terms of efficiency and visual. It is important to make high quality and reliable designs that do not create a risk for human health and property safety. Nevertheless, regular checks and examinations are required during their use.

Escalators and escalators are a type of electrically operated ladder whose steps are placed on a continuously rotating system. It serves to transport people and carries more people than elevators. It is especially preferred in shopping malls, hotels, airports and train and metro stations.

The first patent for escalators was obtained in 1892 in America. However, it was first introduced in 1895 in an entertainment center in New York. Six years later, a renowned elevator company (Otis) exhibited the escalators as a commercial product for the first time at a trade show in Paris in 1900. Escalator production in our country started in 2000 years. Today, a wide range of products are available on different slopes and different step widths.

Escalators and escalators should work without risking the safety of people and property. In order to ensure this, the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment issued sets out the minimum conditions that must be complied with in terms of health and safety during the operation of the elevators and escalators adopted by the lifting and conveying machinery group.

According to this methodology, escalators and moving roads must be checked and inspected at least once a year by authorized persons such as mechanical engineers, machine technicians or technicians.

Our company performs the control services of the escalators and escalators in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and standards published by domestic and foreign organizations. A few standards considered in these studies are:

  • TS EN 13015 + A1 Maintenance of elevators and escalators - Rules for maintenance instructions
  • TS EN 115-1 + A1 Safety for escalators and escalators - Part 1: Construction and installation
  • TS EN ISO 14798 Lifts, escalators and escalators - Risk assessment and risk reduction