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Periodical Inspection and Inspection of Wired Conveying Systems Designed to Carry Human

In 2005, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued the Wired Transport Installation Regulation (2000 / 9 / AT), designed to carry people. This regulation is based on the directive published by the same name in the European Union. The purpose of this regulation is to provide the minimum safety requirements for the design, manufacture and commissioning of safety components and subsystems of cable carriage systems intended for the carriage of persons and the principles for the certification, marking and placing on the market of such systems.

Cable car, chairlift and chairlifts are the most noteworthy among the cable carrying systems designed to carry people. Depending on the intended use, tElephant systems are produced in different ways. There are single rope, low capacity ropeway systems as well as double rope and high capacity ropeway systems. For long distances and high floors, double-rope telescopic systems are generally preferred.

The ski lifts and chairlifts, which are generally used in ski centers, are actually simple ropeway systems. These systems work with low or high tow rope depending on the terrain structure.

All ropeway systems, chairlifts and chairlifts carry people and are risky tools for life safety. In accordance with the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment, these systems must be checked and inspected at least once a year by mechanical engineers, machine technicians and high technicians in order to protect the safety of people.

our company conducts regular inspections and inspections of cable transport systems designed to carry people. During these studies, the relevant legal regulations and standards and test methods published by local and foreign organizations are followed. A few standards are based on:


  • TS EN 12929-2 Safety requirements for overhead line installations designed for the carriage of persons - General requirements - Part 2: Additional requirements for reversible two-wire overhead ropes without carrier rail brakes
  • TS EN 12927-2 Safety requirements for cable carriages designed for the carriage of persons - Ropes - Part 2: Safety factors
  • TS EN 12397 Safety regulations for cable carriages designed for the carriage of persons - Operation