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Periodic Inspection and Inspection of Facade Lifts

Cargo elevators are manufactured with high quality and safety and are generally installed on the facades of buildings. These are also called facade lifts. Many of these elevators have safety systems such as overload detectors, brake motors, unnecessary up and down movement prevention and manual release. The lifts, which can lift tons of cargo according to the site, are therefore regularly checked for the safety and security of the employees.

Depending on the place of use, the installation and dismantling of the freight elevators is a short time. While the floor on which the load is to be unloaded can be adjusted in some part of the lifts, floor selection is not made in some part and the lifts are stopped at the desired place.

The facade elevators minimize the performance losses of the employees during the day both during the unloading of the floors and transporting the loads between the floors, that is, the labor, time and cost losses. Facade elevators provide significant advantages in construction costs due to their low cost, short usage and very practical usage, as well as increasing employee performance.

There is no rope in the working system of the facade elevators. It is installed outside the building and is capable of reaching the desired height. In front elevators moving between the columns parallel to each other, there is a security system against power cuts. In addition, automatic safety braking devices are activated in case of gear breakage or gear stripping.

Front elevators, Pursuant to the Occupational Health and Safety Law issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment, the lifting and conveying group is among the machines and must be inspected and inspected at least once a year to ensure safe operation.

Our company performs the control and inspection services of the elevators in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and standards published by domestic and foreign organizations. A few standards considered in this regard are:

  • TS EN ISO 14798 Lifts, escalators and escalators - Risk assessment and risk reduction
  • TS EN 81-3 + A1 Lifts - Safety regulations for construction and assembly - Part 3: Electrical and hydraulic service lifts
  • TS EN 13015 + A1 Maintenance of elevators and escalators - Rules for maintenance instructions