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Mission and Vision

Mission of our organization

To work with a trained and experienced staff and to allow employees to train themselves

To have the latest technological infrastructure to provide quality and fast service

Correctly orient employees and devices to be used in accordance with the characteristics of the requested service

To give importance to the measurement, test, analysis, inspection and control services provided in a timely, complete, precise, quality and reliable manner.

To behave honestly against people who demand service

Not seeing customers' demands as one-time jobs and always ready to serve them

To closely follow the developments in our country and in the world, to have timely information about new devices, applied methods and accepted standards

Internet publish informative and educational articles for current and potential customers through the website

Our vision

  • Inspection, laboratory and inspection services come to mind
  • Always be the first among competitors
  • Never underestimate the competing organizations serving in the same lane, take them seriously and always try to be one step ahead of them
  • To behave against competitors in acceptable competitive conditions and not to create unfair competition
  • To place occupational health and safety awareness in the workplaces that are served, to ensure that managers and employees have this understanding and to provide training in this direction when necessary
  • To prevent financial and moral losses of enterprises due to their deficits in occupational health and safety
  • To support people and organizations operating in occupational health and safety issues
  • To give importance to the satisfaction of everyone working in our company
  • Our company's owners, managers and employees, all together and always strive to be a good team
  • To understand the needs and expectations of people and organizations that demand service, to protect their interests and to operate in this direction
  • To provide customers with as practical and economical solutions as possible and always to provide quality and reliable service
  • During all activities, taking care to protect natural resources, being sensitive to the environment and sharing this sensitivity with everyone