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LVD Tests

LVD stands for Low Voltage Directive and stands for Low Voltage Directive. This directive was published by the European Union in 1973. In 1990 this year, CE marking is required for low-voltage devices to enter the European Union freely. In order to be able to put CE marking on their products, manufacturers should apply to test and inspection bodies to determine the suitability of their products.

According to the principles of the Low Voltage Directive, the electrical devices which are required to perform electrical safety tests are the devices that require alternating current between 50 volts and 1000 volts for operation, or direct current between 75 volts and 1500 volts.

The CE marking on products covered by the New Approach Directives is a proof that these products are suitable for European Union countries. The CE marking of the products is supported by the relevant standards. These standards determine the minimum requirements for ensuring the safety of products.

Within the scope of the harmonization studies with the European Union, necessary amendments are made in the current legal regulations in Turkey and new legal regulations are made and the relevant international standards are harmonized with the legal regulations.

In this context, especially manufacturing companies producing machinery and white goods, LVD tests are very important. Without proper compliance and safety testing for these products, products are not offered for sale both inside and outside the country. Within this framework, 60204-1 standard is important for companies producing makkina and 60335-1 standard is important for white goods producing companies. The exact names of these standards are:

  • TS EN 60204-1 Safety in machines - Electrical equipment of machines - Part 1: General rules
  • TS EN 60335-1 Safety rules - For household and similar electrical appliances - Section 1: General rules

Tests such as leakage current, earth continuity, insulation resistance or high voltage on all electrical devices including machinery and white goods are of great importance. In general, LVD tests are carried out for the following electrical devices: electrical appliances used in households, information technology devices, industrial devices using radio frequencies, science and medical equipment, electrical medical devices and electrical devices used in laboratories for measurement and control purposes.

LVD tests by our organization The following services are mainly provided:

  • LVD leakage current test
  • LVD soil continuity test
  • LVD insulation resistance test
  • LVD high voltage test
  • LVD glow wire test
  • LVD enclosure strength test

our organization This is LVD test workis in compliance with the standards and test methods published by the domestic and foreign institutions. In the meantime, our organization, ÖSAS Accreditation Agency, It is accredited according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and the tests, measurement, analysis, inspection and inspection procedures and reports are accepted as valid in private and official audits.


TS 2127 EN 60065 : Safety rules - Audio, video, and similar electronic devices

TS EN 61010-1: Safety Features for Electrical Devices Used in Measurement, Control and Laboratory Section 1-General Features

TS EN 62031: LED modules - For general lighting - Safety features

TS IEC 62560: Lamps - LED ball lamps with ballast - Used in general lighting with voltage greater than 50 V - Safety features

TS EN 62040-1 : Uninterruptible Power Systems - Part 1: General rules and safety rules for KGS

TS EN 60335-1 : Safety rules - For household and similar electrical appliances - Section 1: General requirements

TS EN 60950-1: Information technology devices - Safety - Section 1: General rules

TS EN 60204-1: Safety in machines - Electrical equipment of machines - Section 1: General rules

TS EN 60601-1: Electrical medical equipment - Section 1: General guidelines for basic safety and performance:

TEST Classes and Standards:

Test Class


 Equipment of telecommunication networks  AND 41003: 200
Audio - Video and Similar Electronic Devices IEC / EN 60065
 Cable duct systems for electrical installations  IN 50085-1: 2005
Electrical Equipment of Machines (Excluding EMC) 2006 / 42 / AT Machinery Directive (IEC / EN 60204-1)
Electrical Equipment of Machines (excluding EMC section) IEC / EN 60204-1
LED modules and safety features for general lighting IEC / EN 62031, IEC 62560
Electric Medical Equipment IEC / EN 60601-1
Uninterruptible Power Systems IEC / EN 62040-1
Information Technology Devices IEC / EN 60950-1 and EN 60950-1 / A1: 2010


Electrical Devices Used in Home and Similar Places IEC / EN 60335-1
Measurement, Control and Electrical Devices Used in Laboratory IEC / EN 61010-1


Some of the Experiments and Examinations:


- Power measurement - Label inspection
- Temperature test - Leakage current test
- Electrical resistance - Soil continuity
- Insulation resistance - Humidification
- Error conditions - Thermal resistance
- Electrical resistance for internal conductors - Measurement of insulation intervals
- Ball pressure test - Capacity discharge test
- In-rushcurrent experiment - Mechanical experiments
- Component evaluation (transformer, etc.) - Electrical field measurement / EN 50366 test
- Balance test - GlowWire experiment
- Flammability test