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Radiated Immunity Tests

By the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive was published in 2014. This regulation was prepared based on the electromagnetic compatibility directive 2014 / 30 / EU issued by the European Parliament within the scope of harmonization studies with the European Union. The main purpose of this regulation is to regulate electromagnetic compatibility in electrical and electronic systems.

Essentially, emission and immunity tests on all electrical and electronic devices have become a necessity. Because it is not possible to insert electrical and electronic devices into other European Union countries and other foreign countries.

Immunity tests are performed to determine whether the electrical and electronic systems and devices in question are affected by the waves emitted by the operation of other electrical and electronic devices in the vicinity.

Immunity tests are performed in authorized laboratories for different purposes. For example, conducting immunity tests, conducting immunity tests, radiated immunity tests, power frequency magnetic fields, tests against lightning, lightning or inductive motor starting pulses, and electrostatic discharge tests (ESD). ) as.

The purpose of the radiated immunity tests (immunity tests against radiation fields) is to determine the performance deterioration of the device when it is exposed to radio waves in the environment. During these tests, sudden voltage rise tests are also performed to determine the performance deterioration of the device against transient voltage surges that occur in cases such as switching or lightning.

Many electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests are performed in authorized laboratories. our organization radiated immunity tests within the scope of EMC tests., in accordance with the relevant regulations, standards and test methods published by domestic and foreign organizations. These standards are based on a few standards:

  • TS EN 61000-4-4 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 4-4: Tests and measurement techniques - Electrical rapid transient regime / burst immunity test
  • TS EN 61000-4-5 ... Pulse immunity test
  • TS EN 61000-4-6 ... Immunity to disturbances caused by transmission induced by radio frequency fields
  • TS EN 61000-4-8 ... Network frequency magnetic field immunity test
  • TS EN 61000-4-9 ... Impact-shaped magnetic field immunoassay

Our institution, from the ÖSAS Accreditation Institution, Accredited according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.