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EMF is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the English Electro Magnetic Field meaning electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) or radiation are energy fields that can neither be seen nor heard, but are now completely surrounding life. Theoretically, these fields are composed of electrical and magnetic field components whose power decreases when they are removed from their source. These electromagnetic fields are not safe and have many levels of danger. According to these levels, electromagnetic fields cause increase in body temperature, burns, shocks and many other problems in human body.

These electromagnetic fields also affect, for example, people with pacemakers or other electronic devices in their bodies.

Electromagnetic field (EMF) tests are carried out by the competent authorities in order to determine the levels of the electromagnetic fields and to prevent potential hazards. With these tests, magnitudes such as electric field strength, magnetic field strength, power density, contact current and magnetic flux density are measured and necessary limitations are made. These studies measure the levels of electromagnetic fields and evaluate the risks of exposure.

Electromagnetic fields are known to have negative effects on people's immune system, nervous system, growth and development, genetics, metabolism, reproduction, vision and many other organs. There are many scientific studies on this subject. Today, studies are ongoing to minimize the negative effects of electromagnetic fields on human health and environmental conditions.

In the workplaces and regions where electromagnetic pollution is very high, regular measurements are made and necessary measures are taken for employee health. There are many legal regulations on this issue. The most important of these is the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2004 / 108 / AT) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Many electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests are performed in authorized laboratories. our organization EMF tests within the scope of EMC testsis in compliance with the standards and test methods published by the domestic and foreign institutions.

In the meantime, our organization, ÖSAS Accreditation Agency, It is accredited according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and the tests, measurement, analysis, inspection and inspection procedures and reports are accepted as valid in private and official audits.