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Immune Cage Tests

Problems caused by electromagnetic propagation arise for various reasons. For example, problems such as the failure of a machine part considered critical for safety, the malfunction of moving devices, the failure of the safety device to send a required signal, the stopping of a function without a certain reason or the failure of the expected function, may cause electromagnetic compatibility. Some standards have been developed in order to minimize the interaction of electrical and electronic systems or devices with each other. Developed by domestic and foreign organizations, these standards serve two purposes:

  • Limit electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices
  • This makes electronic devices more durable.

Electromagnetic immunity means that an electrical or electronic system, device, or part of a device can operate without deterioration or deterioration in the performance of an electromagnetic disturbance. Essentially, all electronic devices are affected by electromagnetic disturbances. Today, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is therefore a major problem. It is not possible to say that electronic systems or devices are completely immune.

For example, cables,

  • They can transmit unwanted signals from one point to another (interference through conductivity)
  • They can emit signals circulating in the air by acting as antennas (interference by radiation).

For this reason, immunity in electrical and electronic systems and devices is the most important issue. Immunity tests are performed in authorized laboratories for this purpose. One of the methods applied is the immune cage.

our organization also under the scope of EMC tests, in accordance with the relevant regulations, standards and test methods published by domestic and foreign organizations. These standards are based on a few standards:

  • TS EN 61000-4-2 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMU) - Part 4-2: Experiments and measurement techniques - Electrostatic discharge immunity test
  • TS EN 61000-4-4 ... Electrical rapid transient regime / burst immunity test
  • TS EN 61000-4-5 ... Pulse immunity test
  • TS EN 61000-4-6 ... Radio fimmunity to disturbances emitted by conduction induced by the recipient
  • TS EN 61000-4-8 ... Network frequency magnetic field immunity test
  • TS EN 61000-4-9 ... Impact-shaped magnetic field immunoassay


Our institution, from the ÖSAS Accreditation Institution, Accredited according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.