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Laboratory Services

In order to increase the establishment, accreditation, activities and activities of the laboratories, new regulations are issued on the one hand and new standards are published by domestic and foreign institutions. These activities, on the one hand, enable manufacturers to make higher quality and safer production and enable consumers to reach more reliable and high quality products, while providing the theoretical and technological development of laboratories serving in various fields of activity.

To the extent that these laboratories perform test, measurement, analysis, control and inspection studies, both the accuracy and reliability of their work increases, and the reports they issue are considered valid in all private and official inspections. Laboratories accredited by domestic and foreign organizations are one step ahead of their competitors.

The need for laboratory services is inevitably increasing in every aspect of life in today's world. There is a need for more laboratory services than before in terms of human safety and property safety. In order to compete with both European Union countries and other countries in our country, which tries to harmonize with the European Union, the goods and services produced must comply with the relevant standards and meet certain quality criteria.

The services provided in the scope of laboratory services are listed in the table below:


Laboratory Services

Electrical tests

RoHS tests, fire resistance and response tests, IP protection test, sealing test, noise test and acoustic measurements, mechanical and physical tests, illumination intensity measurements, radioactive exposure measurements, ambient radiation tests, electromagnetic environment measurements

LVD tests

LVD leakage current test, LVD earth continuity test, LVD insulation resistance test, LVD high voltage test, LVD glow wire test, LVD enclosure strength test

EMC tests

EMI tests, EMF tests, RF tests, radiated emission tests, conducted emission tests, emission tests, immunity tests, conducted immunity tests, radiated immunity tests, radiated field tests, radiated RF field immunity tests, CISPR tests, power frequency magnetic field immunity tests , electrostatic discharging ESD tests, electrostatic discharge tests, non-reflection chamber tests, conduction immunity tests, immuno-cage tests, transmitted emission tests, click tests, harmonic flick tests, open field tests, immunity tests, diffusion tests, radiation diffusion ( emission tests, conductivity diffusion tests, radiation immunity (susceptibility) tests, conductivity immunity (susceptibility) tests

Gas measurements

Emission gas measurements, emission gas measurements, flue gas measurements, ambient gas measurements, tunnel gas measurements, CO (carbon monoxide) measurements, CO2 (carbon dioxide) measurements, O (oxygen) measurements, NO (nitrogen oxide) measurements, NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) measurements, CH4 (methane) measurements, H2S (hydrogen sulphide) measurements, O2 (oxygen) measurements, SO2 (sulfur dioxide) measurements, PH3 (phosphine) measurements, CL2 (chlorine) measurements, NH3 (ammonia) measurements, C6HN measurements, NOx measurements, VOC measurements, particle measurements, ambient humidity measurement, ambient temperature measurement, ambient dust measurement, air pollution measurement


The Occupational Health and Safety Law issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in 2012 regulates the principles for ensuring occupational health and safety in the workplaces and improving the existing health and safety conditions. At the same time, the law includes duties, powers, responsibilities, rights and obligations of employers and employees. This law is the basis of all the examinations and controls listed above.

Our organization, all control and inspection work, in accordance with the relevant regulations, standards and test methods published by domestic and foreign organizations. In this regard, our company, the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK), It is accredited in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. In this way, the control and inspection procedures and reports issued are deemed valid for private and official audits.