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Our Quality Policy

The number of institutions providing inspection, laboratory and audit services is increasing due to the development of needs and the more conscious of the consumers. However, the number of organizations that provide professional service and who depend on the principles and working conditions of this profession and try to provide quality services does not increase at the same rate.

Our organization measures, tests, analyzes, inspections and inspections on one hand. While performing in accordance with the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations and generally accepted inspection and control methods, It complies with the legal regulations published in the scope of inspection, laboratory and inspection services.

In addition, all this work, Based on the authorization received from the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) in accordance with the General Conditions for the Qualification of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Test and Calibration Laboratories and A Type Inspection Organization. This is the first element of our quality policy as an organization.

In addition to this, another basic element of our quality policy is that it is trusted as both the executive staff and the staff. is to show a respectable, impartial, independent and focused on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it is to ensure the continuity of the mentioned features and to create an added value for all parties.

Besides these basic materials, there are other important points that make up our quality policy. Namely,

  • To ensure that all types of information and documents obtained during the activities remain confidential, not to protect and to share them with third parties
  • Not to be influenced by persons or third parties who demand service in any way during the works
  • To ensure the integrity and accessibility of the information obtained
  • Fully and fully comply with the requirements of the legal regulations, accreditation rules and the relevant European Union directives
  • Being a dynamic organization that is constantly evolving and improving
  • Not to harm the principles, honor and future of this profession
  • Not providing unreal information, documents and reports to the people and organizations that demand services
  • Creating customer satisfaction and creating customer loyalty by creating a sense of trust
  • During the activities, use only the methods and equipment appropriate to the specifications of the requested service.
  • To try to create added value in all works and to be a leader in the sector
  • Finally, be sensitive to the protection of the environment and natural resources