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Principles and Principles

Our organization, which provides inspection, laboratory and audit services, acts in the measurement, test, analysis, inspection and control services it operates, adhering to the principles and principles determined by it. These principles and principles are:

  • Our company acts impartially against all persons and organizations it serves, and serves with a respectful, non-biased and impartial approach to everyone.
  • In order to ensure this impartiality, it avoids practices that will cause unfair competition in the selection of personnel.
  • Our company follows a transparent approach and provides clear and clear information to the persons and organizations it serves, such as the features, benefits, possible risks and rights and obligations of the two parties.
  • Our company acts with a sense of responsibility towards customers' problems and acts responsibly in search of solutions.
  • Our organization avoids unfair competition against other organizations serving in the same lane. While adhering to its own goals, it also endeavors to protect common interests in order to maintain the trust in this sector and to contribute to the development of the sector.
  • In this respect, our company is always honest in all its activities.
  • The biggest requirement of this sector is to be reliable. In every field of activity, our organization treats the people and organizations it serves with mutual trust and gives clear, understandable and accurate information about transactions in a timely and complete manner.
  • Our company strives to provide quality services in all fields it serves in accordance with domestic and foreign standards, current legal regulations and European Union directives. For this purpose, it works with other inspection institutions, laboratories and inspection institutions and official authorities when necessary.
  • Our organization is ambitious about listening to customers, receiving complaints and producing solutions. It has established a system independent of management in order to receive, examine, evaluate and reach the most appropriate solution for all kinds of complaints and suggestions of customers in all subjects.
  • Our company delivers the information and documents requested by the official authorities for the purpose of inspection and control, accurately, completely and on time.
  • Finally, our organization is sensitive to environmental problems during its activities, supports social and cultural activities and is in favor of social benefits.