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Privacy Policy

The most important principle that is given importance by our organization is the privacy principle. The principle of confidentiality lies within our quality policy, our basic principles and principles and our commitment to management.

Essentially our organization, TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Test and Calibration Laboratories from Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) It is accredited in accordance with the General Conditions for Competence standard and serves its customers as A Type Inspection Organization. In accordance with this standard, it is up to the principle of confidentiality and providing services to individuals and organizations requesting service from them.

In accordance with the principle of confidentiality, our organization shall take measures to store all kinds of information, documents and reports produced as a result of its activities and shall not share any information for customers with third parties in any way.

Our company's managers and employees, very different and comprehensive measurement, performing test, analysis, inspection and control works, Due to the conditions of the work performed, a number of information and documents are obtained or appeared during these studies. Sharing or disseminating such information and documents and result reports to third parties other than the service requesting person or organization may have consequences against the service requesting organization and may cause them to suffer from this situation. For this reason, our organization must protect and never share any patent rights, copyrights, R & D activities or all information and documents that constitute intellectual property.

Our company assures all customers that the information and documents obtained during their work will be kept confidential. These are regarded as customers' secrets and are not disclosed to unrelated third parties. In addition, our organization cannot use the information obtained in favor of third parties. Not only the information and documents obtained during the measurement, testing and analysis performed under the confidentiality commitment, but also the customer lists, agreements, prices, special contracts, technical information, projects, design works, even directly or indirectly learned from the customer as required by the studies. and trade secrets. Our organization cannot disseminate this information and documents to third parties or mediate its dissemination.