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Technical Support Audits

Information technology control mainly covers the following subjects: • Database management systems (Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, Sybase and DB2) • Network systems (firewalls), local area networks (LAN), routers (routers, switches), IDS / IPS management and wireless networks) • Operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux (Red Hat Enterprise and similar), UNIX (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, etc.) • Applications (developed for business needs, accounting, corporate software such as resource planning, financial reports and inventory management) Technical support audits focus on the first three topics above.The main services provided within the scope of technical support services are as follows: • Firewall management (firewalls are the most important defense line of computer networks) • IPS. / IDS management (IDS stands for intrusion detection system. In this way, it is understood that an attack has been made on the system and the source that made this attack is prevented from reaching the system again. IPS stands for intrusion prevention system. Its purpose is to prevent malicious network activity). • VPN management (VPN, which means virtual private network, allows you to connect to the internet through another IP address. This application secures the internet connection and ensures that passwords and credentials cannot be found when connecting to any network). • DLP management (DLP, a data loss and leak prevention system, is a data protection application that is increasingly used in the field of internet security. In this way, unwanted information can be prevented from leaving the system). • Antispam filtering (an application to keep spam out of the email inbox and to a separate folder). • Inventory work (it is a study to take an inventory of all software and hardware that is connected to a particular network or working alone). • MDM solutions (MDM solutions, which means mobile device management, have emerged with the idea that if everything done on a personal computer can be done on mobile devices, the work done in the office can be moved to mobile devices. As such, the management of mobile devices has gained a serious dimension). • Privileged password management solutions (the proliferation of applications has also increased encryption needs in terms of security). Our organization provides technical support audit services within the scope of audit services. In these studies, our organization operates in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, standards published by domestic and foreign organizations and generally accepted audit methods.