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Penetration Tests

Businesses may have security weaknesses in the information systems they use. As a result, malicious people called hackers enter the system, seize information and programs or make them unusable. Hackers' knowledge, experience, skills and motivations are generally at least equal to or higher than those of system security experts. Therefore, there should be no weakness in system security. Penetration (penetration) tests are carried out as a third-party inspection and reporting of security-related open points in information systems.

According to experts in this field, the security of information systems is basically handled in two ways. The first is for defense purposes and the other is proactive security. Penetration tests are performed in the form of trying to infiltrate the information systems of the enterprises by trying every possible way. The purpose of these tests is not only to identify vulnerabilities, but also to assess these vulnerabilities and to ensure that only authorized persons have access to systems against possible infiltrations.

Penetration tests are generally performed using certain pre-designed methodologies. These test methods are used to ensure that studies are verifiable, interpretable and reproducible. If the previously tried and standardized rules are applied, more precise results are obtained.

In general, weakness screening and infiltration tests are similar. For weakness screening, a number of software is used and security gaps in the system are identified. In penetration tests, it is not only aimed to determine security vulnerabilities, but also to detect the access to database information in the system by using these vulnerabilities.

As a result, the issue of how secure the applications and data in the system are is a common problem of all enterprises. Penetration tests provide an answer to this problem. Various infiltration tests are available. These vary depending on the target, the attack to be simulated and the system. Therefore, the penetration test to be applied to the enterprises depends on the characteristics and needs of the enterprise. Typically, penetration tests include: network penetration, application penetration, database penetration, and wired-wireless penetration.

our organization provides security auditing services to enterprises within the scope of audit services and conducts penetration tests within this framework. In these studies, and in compliance with the relevant legal regulations, standards published by domestic and foreign organizations and generally accepted audit methods.