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PCI DSS Audits and Certification

PCI DSS data security standards are the standards established by major financial institutions such as Visa, Master Card and American Express and aim to secure payments by using credit cards all over the world. PCI DSS stands for The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

PCI DSS data security standards cover all imaginable cards, and protect against PCI DSS certification, fraud and other fraud. This means not only credit cards, but also debit cards, money cards, salary cards, ATM cards or other payment cards. This standard applies not only to banks and businesses that pay by credit card, but also to all companies that store or transmit information on the card.

The following steps are required to obtain a PCI DSS certificate, which is a very important certificate for secure online shopping:

  • In the analysis studies, the data flow provided during the card transactions is examined, the card information and personal information is used for safe use and storage is checked, and possible gaps in the copying of the card information are identified.
  • In the case of improvement, if there are clear points against counterfeiting, they are corrected and required to store card information and personal data. Unneeded data should not be stored.
  • Documentation is the most difficult stage. In these studies, compliance with the basic conditions specified under the heading 12 for the use, transmission and protection of information is determined.

PCI DSS audit studies, which should be performed at regular intervals, are examined to ensure compliance with the standards required for compliance. In general, a PCI DSS scan is required every three months.

our organization provides security audits to businesses within the scope of audit services and conducts PCI DSS audits and certification studies within this framework. In these studies, and in compliance with the relevant legal regulations, standards published by domestic and foreign organizations and generally accepted audit methods.

Our organization PCI DSS is one of the organizations that provide both screening and on-site auditing services in the field of audits and certification.