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IT General Controls Audits

Manually conducting business processes in an enterprise leads to the preparation of incorrect financial statements, higher number of employees, greater operational risks each day, and possible malicious behavior. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a solid information technology infrastructure and to establish a strong control environment in order to increase the power of enterprises.

Generally, general controls of information technologies in enterprises are important in various aspects. In this way, system-based controls and business processes are supported and financial and operational risks are minimized. In addition, the efficiency of the controls and processes connected to the system has been increased and most importantly, assurance has been provided to them. In addition, information integrity, completeness and accuracy are assured.

In general, general controls of information technologies are concentrated in three stages. Inspection of these areas is to identify control points and test how effective these control points are. These fields are:

  • Access to data (information security, authorization, physical access, access management and monitoring processes are controlled in this area)
  • Program and application development (application development methods, data transformation, development, testing, approval and application processes are controlled in this field)
  • Software changes (software development, testing and approval, transfer of software to production environment, configuration work and urgent change processes are controlled in this area)
  • Information technology operations (operations follow-up, backup and return operations and problem management processes are controlled in this field)

The general controls of information technologies performed have positive effects on business processes. Today, these controls are the mainstay of business processes. If these general controls are not made strong, it is difficult to rely on system-based controls and processes under the supervision of any business process. General controls ensure the integrity, accuracy and completeness of the data held in the systems. Therefore, all business processes using the system are affected by the general controls of information technologies.

our organization within the scope of audit services provides general controls of information technologies. In these studies, operates in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, standards published by domestic and foreign organizations and generally accepted audit methods.