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Security Audits

As computer technologies evolve, the information technology infrastructures of enterprises become more complex. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly and to make sure that the system is safe from various threats by performing possible attack simulations. The organizations that serve in this direction use various methodologies and the reports prepared at the end of the studies include the findings and suggestions for improvement. In addition, validation tests are conducted after the arrangements made in this direction and the effectiveness of the measures taken is measured.

Information security aims to protect information in a simple way. However, providing information security is a very comprehensive study. In order to protect the information, the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility features of the information should always be provided. System security, physical security, backup and similar controls should be in place to ensure the security of information in the process from the time the information is produced to the destruction.

Businesses of all sizes make a number of investments in computer infrastructures and establish various security systems in order to ensure information security and data protection. It also requires inspections such as infiltration tests and vulnerability analyzes.

It is not enough to use the most appropriate technology to pass the security audits; The most important point in security audits is not how technologies are used, but how information security is managed.

In order to be able to talk about a solid information security, the company should evaluate its existing data, classify it, be given priority, and have implemented a solid control method by creating a threat, risk and control trilogy in terms of information assets.

Our company provides security audits services to enterprises within the scope of audit services. In this context, our organization provides services in compliance with the relevant legal regulations, standards published by domestic and foreign organizations and generally accepted audit methods. The services provided to enterprises within the framework of security audits are mainly as follows:

  • Penetration tests
  • PCI DSS audits and certification
  • Cobit controls
  • Enterprise-specific security audits
  • IT general controls audits
  • Application controls audits
  • Technical support audits

With these studies, enterprises benefit from all the advantages of security audits.

As access to information becomes easier, the security of information becomes more and more important. In practice, however, it becomes more and more difficult to secure the confidential and critical information that is not accessible to everyone, except for the information that is granted access.

For this reason, the environments in which the information is stored should be regularly tested by experts acting as attackers. In this way, the security of the environment will be increased. For example, the purpose of penetration testing is to strengthen the decisions to make the system more secure. For example, infiltration tests are carried out by simulation tests and the security level and vulnerabilities of the system are revealed in a possible attack. Or vulnerability scans are a security scan to determine which known security vulnerabilities exist on the client, server, applications, and other devices on the network.