E-Mark Certification

E-Mark and e-mark certification is a form of certification that demonstrates that motor vehicles and equipment meet the necessary requirements for traffic in European Union countries according to the relevant legal regulations.

E-Mark and e-mark certification are two identical forms of certification that actually show similar attributes.

E-Mark certification shows that the systems, parts, components and separate technical components of motor vehicles comply with the legal requirements of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. e-Mark certification is in compliance with European Union directives. In other words, both certifications are not different in terms of meaning and approach.

The tests required for these certifications are carried out in advanced laboratories. It is necessary to apply to an accredited certification body to ensure that the received document is valid and that the content is incomplete or inaccurate.

In short, there are two different systems for the certification of motor vehicles and equipment and technical components used in European countries:

  • e-Mark certification (European Union certification)

It is a mandatory safety certificate to be applied to the motor vehicles, systems, parts and technical components of the member countries in line with the directives of the European Union. The testing organization should be a technical service organization of a member state of the European Union. The e-Mark certificate is regulated by the state transport sector of this country. Each European Union country has its own e-Mark certificate number. For example, e1 Germany, e2 France, e3 Italy, e4 Netherlands and e5 Sweden.

  • E-Mark certification (United Nations European Economic Commission certification)

In accordance with the legal regulations issued by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, it is a safety certificate which is required to be applied to motor vehicles, systems, parts and technical components. So it is not mandatory. European Union countries, as well as other European countries and non-European countries can also apply this certification. Each member of this system has its own E-Mark certificate number. For example, E1 Germany, France E2, E3 Italy, Turkey E37, such as Japan and E43 E47 South Africa.

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