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Businesses operating in various sectors need a number of auditing and verification services on the one hand in terms of compliance with existing legal regulations, on the other hand in terms of compliance with national and international standards, and on the other hand in terms of documenting customer satisfaction and product quality.

Today, many organizations are transferring a significant portion of their activities to third parties. In this case, relations with third parties gain importance and they have to rely on these increasingly complex relationships. It is also important to explain the following points in situations where business expansion is needed, for example in mergers, mergers, outsourcing or joint ventures: Is risk management in place? Is the control structure of the company at a level to keep pace with the development? Does the company operate effectively and in accordance with its purpose? Are operational risks assessed regularly? Are the products and services adequately audited?

The quality of the audits to be carried out is a separate issue. Prior to the audit studies, it is necessary to determine the audit risk and actions for these risks, to obtain detailed information and to determine the importance level for the controls related to the business processes. During the audit studies, various control tests should be carried out, controls for business processes, open points in the controls should be evaluated and audit tests should be applied.

Audit services and organizations use independent audit techniques to determine whether the activities of the enterprises comply with the standards determined by the company management and domestic and foreign organizations. It is important to implement a risk-focused audit and to ensure acceptable audit quality. The audit institutions first understand the activities of the companies in a comprehensive manner and then perform technological, innovative and activity-oriented audits. At the end of the audit work, the enterprises should have received a high quality audit service that reduces the possible risks.

our organization audit activities within this scope.conducts its activities in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, standards published by domestic and foreign organizations and generally accepted auditing methods. Within this framework, audit services are generally as follows:

  • Third-party audits
    • Supplier audits
    • Unannounced inspections
    • Witness inspections
    • Confidential customer controls
    • Loading controls
  • Security audits
    • Penetration tests
    • PCI DSS audits and certification
    • Cobit controls
    • Enterprise-specific security audits
    • IT general controls audits
    • Application controls audits
    • Technical support audits

Auditing, which is the most important task of the management process in the enterprises, has an indispensable place in the correct and complete production of the products and services and the desired quality and features of the products. Achieving the objectives of an enterprise is only ensured through audits. However, it depends on a number of circumstances to ensure that the audits provide the desired benefit. Audits often exert pressure on employees. This pressure and concern generally prevents healthy information exchange. Acting as the auditor wants to see is a serious obstacle to a healthy audit. Where appropriate conditions and environments are not provided, neither the quality of the products and services produced nor the audits to be performed can be utilized. One of the main reasons for this situation is that business management does not know the audit objectives and techniques. Generally, management focuses on other irrelevant issues, rather than concentrating on improving and improving the service or product. However, the target is the common partner in healthy audits: to ensure the quality of the products and services produced.

Audit work is an important stage of the management process and it is a process that must be planned and continuous in itself. This process should have healing and improving effect.

For this reason, our company provides professional, world-wide auditing services to business management, which have a healing and improving effect for the future of the enterprise.