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Periodical inspection and inspection services, as well as certification and testing services
contributes to the production and service power of the country, and those who prefer our company are also prestigious organizations.

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Technical Inspection

We provide inspection services with our technological infrastructure and experienced engineers to our customers who have the vision of quality and safety, customer satisfaction and trouble-free production and service without any problems.

Periodic check-up

Periodical inspections of machines and industrial equipment, robotic and mechatronic devices in terms of work safety, periodical inspections of construction machines such as cranes, tower cranes and forklifts.

Building Construction Controls

We are conducting testing and certification of conformity assessment and test methods for ISO, EN, TS standards.

You can send us all periodic technical inspection requests through our application channels.

Inspection and Technical Controls

Work with TÜRCERT, the organization that determines the inspection examinations of our country with our expert team and well-known brand!

In order to reach out to its competitors among the many laboratories operating in the same lane and providing various inspection, control, test, analysis, measurement, supervision and evaluation services to our customers, our organization has strengthened its technological infrastructure while also creating a strong staff.

Our company recognizes that no matter how powerful test equipment, modern machinery and equipment is used, it will not be successful if it does not have a skilled and experienced staff. In order to provide high quality, fast, accurate and reliable results to our customers, our company operates TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 activities in accordance with the General Conditions for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories and all employees are familiar with the principles and requirements of this standard. In addition, many physical, chemical, microbiological and bacterial measurements, tests and analyzes are carried out in our laboratories from foodstuffs to textile products, from electrical and electronic products to environmental conditions. Naturally, each of these areas requires separate expertise on its own. Our employees working in each department have completed their undergraduate education in related departments of universities and some of them have received postgraduate education.
However, our organization also shows sensitivity to employees' experience in their fields. That's why all the experts, engineers, technicians and technicians working in our organization have at least five years of experience. Our organization also supports the development of our employees. In this sense, the executives of our organization participate in various conferences, seminars and meetings throughout the country and internationally, follow domestic and foreign publications, and closely monitor the emerging test and analysis methods and technologies used. In this way, it is not only outside the developments at the international level, but also contributes to the development of its employees by transferring the innovations to its employees on time. It also encourages employees to participate in such organizations when appropriate.

In addition to certification, process management, inspection and control, testing, measurement and analysis services, our company also provides surveillance services to its customers. Our company, which has the power to produce comprehensive and sectoral solutions to its customers in this regard, has carried out its success in the surveillance services mainly with its breakthroughs:

Our organization has the internationally validated identity of the organization accredited by the following accreditations and has received these certificates: TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 Conformity assessment - Accredited by the OSAS Accreditation body in accordance with the requirements of the standard of requirements for the operation of various types of inspection bodies. TURKAK continues to work with the Turkish Accreditation Agency in accordance with the General Requirements for the Qualification of the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratories. Our organization also complies with the procedures of the International Inspection Company issued by the General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection of the Ministry of Economy. Finally, our organization has a strong surveillance team that is loyal to the vision, mission, quality targets and working principles. The engineers, technicians, high technicians and laboratory staff working in our supervision team have expertise in many areas of product and sector and have gained many years of experience in surveillance services.
All employees in our team have the latest product and standard information and are technically proven.
Our surveillance team participates in all processes ranging from the production of various traded products to production to the consumer, conducts inspection, supervision, inspection and controls at every stage of production, prevents the introduction of non-standard products to the market, ensures timely intervention in possible disruptions and prevents them from exceeding the quality standards. and ensure that the activities of the enterprises comply with the legal regulations and local and foreign standards.
At the same time, the delivery conditions of the products to the buyer, compliance with the sales contract, packaging and labeling controls, loading and transportation conditions and many more inspection services are carried out by our experienced and expert surveillance team in a timely, complete, fast and high quality.

Our company also provides audit services to companies within the scope of certification studies of many management systems. These audit and verification services mainly focus on:

Determining that enterprises operating in various sectors are producing within the framework of current legal regulations
Determining that the products and services produced by these enterprises are in compliance with the standards published by various domestic and foreign organizations.
Creation of customer satisfaction
The quality of the audits carried out is directly related to the quality of the service provider. In this respect, our organization has formed the audit team with a sense of responsibility. The results of the services provided affect human health and damage the environment.
Each employee working in our audit team is aware of the risks of their services and has a certain level of competence in determining the actions and severity levels related to these risks. Our employees use fully independent audit techniques in providing these services. It conducts a risk-focused audit activity in all its operations, conducts an innovative and activity-oriented audit and provides an acceptable audit quality.
Our audit team provides a high quality audit service that reduces the potential risks of businesses.
For this purpose, every employee working in our team is not only satisfied with university education, but also tries to improve themselves by closely following the developments in the sector and technology.
Essentially, in practice, situations are encountered much higher than academic education. On the one hand, third-party inspection services such as supplier audits, unannounced audits, witness audits, confidential customer audits and upload controls are provided, on the one hand penetration tests, PCI DSS audits, Cobit audits, IT general audits, implementation audits, technical support audits. and business-specific security audits.
Our audit team provides professional auditing services which are accepted worldwide and have a developer effect for the future of the enterprise.

All quality systems have a common point. It is important to meet the expectations of the customers every time, at the first time and at all times. These are the basic qualities of quality systems.

A technical infrastructure is required for these to be provided, but more importantly, there is a need for skilled and trained employees to use this technological infrastructure. Expenditure to earn a new customer is much more than the cost of holding existing customers. As such, it is important for all laboratories to satisfy existing customers, meet their expectations and work with them at all times.
As in every sector, customers are very fragile in the laboratory sector and they can easily steal the door of another laboratory in case of any dissatisfaction.
In this competitive environment, our organization attaches importance to creating customer satisfaction, to be educated, experienced and related to its customers in order to satisfy the needs of customers in the fastest and high quality manner.
The level of customer satisfaction with the services they receive is monitored by our organization. Creating customer loyalty is the first principle in the success and continuity of our organization. To ensure this, he relies on his laboratory team. The success of our laboratory team is the success of our organization. In line with this principle, our employees are encouraged to develop themselves and their knowledge and skill levels are not given the opportunity to fall behind the age. Our management team strives to be a pioneer in this sector and to be the first preferred laboratory in mind of customers. Our organization supports and encourages a number of projects carried out by local and foreign institutions and provides opportunities for employees to take part in projects realized by both these institutions and universities. In this way, on the one hand, our organization learns new technologies and new research methods before its competitors in the first step and finds the opportunity to apply them.

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